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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Criteria for projecting tool-electrodes applied in the formation of surface layers with electric discharges in pulse [Articol]Topală, Pavel; Pînzaru, Natalia
2008Graphite deposits formation on innards surface on adhibition of electric discharges in impulses [Articol]Topală, Pavel; Beşliu, Vitalie
2005Noi secvenţe la tabloul fizic al fenomenului electroeroziunii [Articol]Topală, Pavel; Olaru, Ion; Rusnac, Vladislav
2014Nanometric Titanium Oxide Films: Composition And Properties [Abstract]Topală, Pavel; Ojegov, Alexandr; Stoicev, Petru; Beşliu, Vitalie
2005New episodes at the physical phenomena of electroerosion [Articol]Topală, Pavel; Olaru, Ion
2010Effects of abnormal dissolving of oxygen in metals under the influence of electrical discharges in impulse plasma [Articol]Topală, Pavel; Stoicev, Petru; Ojegov, Alexandr; Pînzaru, Natalia
2013Structural modifications - properties of surface micro-strata with graphite depositions [Articol]Topală, Pavel; Beşliu, Vitalie; Stoicev, Petru; Ojegov, Alexandr
2015Specifics of Surface Micro-Geometry Modification under the Action of temperature and Electric Field of Electrode Spots [Articol]Topală, Pavel; Guzgan, Dorin; Rusnac, Vladislav; Ojegov, Alexandr; Beşliu, Vitalie
2011Physico-chemical effects provoked in the piece surfaces during machining by applying electrical discharges in impulse [Articol]Topală, Pavel
2014Peculiarity of the Tool-Electrode Wear Mechanism during Surface Machining with Electric Discharges in Pulse [Articol]Topală, Pavel; Pînzaru, Natalia; Guzgan, Dorin; Ojegov, Alexandr; Beşliu, Vitalie