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Title: Rolul psihologului în identificarea ţi asistarea cazurilor de violenţă domestică [Articol]
Authors: Briceag, Silvia
Hriţcu, Alexandra
Keywords: child
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Briceag, Silvia. Rolul psihologului în identificarea ţi asistarea cazurilor de violenţă domestică / Silvia Briceag, Alexandra Hriţcu // Asistenţa psihologică la etapa contemporană: realităţi şi perspective: Materialele Conf. Şt. Intern., 21 oct. 2022. – Bălţi : [s. n], 2022. – P. 28-35. – ISBN 978-9975-50-295-5 (PDF).
Abstract: By researching the specialized literature and analyzing real-life experiences, we come to find that anyone can become a victim of domestic violence. However, the results of the studies indicate that women are more frequently subjected to aggression, having increased vulnerability. The specialized literature discusses the feminization of violence in contemporary society. Violence against women is recognized worldwide, and the Republic of Moldova is no exception. Due to the power of domination in the family, the woman more easily falls prey to aggression. In this article I presented evidence that domestic violence has a wide range of manifestations: mental, physical, sexual and social. They can combine in an infernal amalgam and with certain obvious consequences, surface but also deep on the victims.The case study model regarding the management of a crisis situation can be useful to specialists in the field.
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