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Title: A decade of arts and artistic education magazine [Articol]
Other Titles: Artă şi educaţie artistică la un deceniu de apariţie
Authors: Ţurcan, Elena
Keywords: Art and Artistic Education Magazine
USARB Scientific Library
Musical Documents Office
scientific publications
accredited magazine
National Bibliometric Tool
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Ţurcan, Elena. A decade of arts and artistic education magazine = Artă şi educaţie artistică la un deceniu de apariţie / Elena Ţurcan // Valorificarea strategiilor inovaţionale de dezvoltare a învăţământului artistic contemporan : Vol. Conf. şt.-practice intern., Ed. a 2-a, 15-16 iunie 2018. – Bălţi : [s. n.], 2018. – P. 132-136. – ISBN 978-9975-3267-1-1.
Abstract: The article is dedicated to a decade to Art and Artistic Education magazine,whose chief editor is Professor Ion Gagim. The objectives of the journal and scientific fields addressed in various articles by the authors are reiterated, the posting of the digital content on the university library site and the creation of the blog of the magazine, integration into The National and International Bibliometric Tool through databases, possible scientometric measurements of scientific value s and citation of works are presented.
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