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Title: Relaţii deficitare în diada părinte - adolescent: intervenţii psihologice [Articol]
Authors: Briceag, Silvia
Hriţcu, Alexandra
Keywords: relations
Issue Date: 2021
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Briceag, Silvia. Relaţii deficitare în diada părinte - adolescent: intervenții psihologice / Silvia Briceag, Alexandra Hriţcu // Asistenţa psihologică la etapa contemporană: realități și perspective : Materialele Conf. Șt. Intern., Ed. a 2-a, 22 oct. 2021 – Bălți : [S. n.], 2021. – P. 27-37. – ISBN 978-9975-50-269-6 (PDF).
Abstract: It is well known that the parent-child relationship can be considered the most important of the relationships that can generally be formed between people. In addition to being a definitive and indestructible bond, it should also be the closest and strongest possible bond between people. Nothing in this world compares to a successful relationship full of understanding, respect, and love, as is the relationship between parents and their children.
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