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Title: Rolul universităţii antreprenoriale în economia bazată pe cunoaştere [Articol]
Authors: Postolache, Victoria
Keywords: university
entrepreneurial university
education system
commercialization of research results
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Postolache, Victoria. Rolul universităţii antreprenoriale în economia bazată pe cunoaştere / Victoria Postolache // Relevanța și calitatea formării universitare: competențe pentru prezent și viitor: Materialele Conferinței științifice internaționale, consacrată celor 75 de ani de la fondarea universității bălțene, din 09 oct. 2020. – Bălţi, 2020. – Vol.1. – P. 55-60. – ISBN 978-9975-50-255-9.
Abstract: In ensuring the sustainable development of the economy and society, solving the most pressing problems of the modern world, education is assigned a leading role. According to the famous researcher of educational systems Michael Barber, education reform is among the main tasks of almost all countries. Innovative scenarios for the development of the economy and society require the development of new strategies, principles and mechanisms for the development and modernization of the education system. The most promising and deep foundations underlying such strategies are the ideas about the leading role of human capital as the goal and means of modernization processes.
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