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Title: Accesul deschis la cercetare – noi oportunităţi pentru cercetătorii universitari [Articol]
Other Titles: Open access to research - new opportunities for university scholars
Authors: Topalo, Valentina
Keywords: open access
academic community
university library
institutional repository
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Biblioteca Ştiinţifică USARB
Citation: Topalo, Valentina. Accesul deschis la cercetare – noi oportunităţi pentru cercetătorii universitari = Open access to research - new opportunities for university scholars / Valentina Topalo // Colloquia Bibliothecariorum „Faina Tlehuci” = Colloquia Bibliothecariorum „Faina Tlehuci”, Ed. a 5-a, 23 febr. 2017. – Bălţi : Bibl. Şt., 2020. – P. 89-100. – ISBN 978-9975-50-250-4.
Abstract: This paper presents the role of the USARB Scientific Library in the Open Access Information Movement, the Promotion of the Open Access Week within the EIFL Direct Moldova Consortium, the EIFL OA Moldova Program, within the framework of the ERASMUS + Capacity Building in the Field of Higher Education (CBNE), Project: ,,Library Network Support Services: modernising libraries in Armenia, Mol-dova and Belarus through library staff development and reforming libraries [LNSS]”. Statements on Open Access Support: Open Access Initiative from Budapest, Bethes-da Declaration on Editorial Policy, Berlin Declaration on Open Access to Knowledge in the Field of Science and Humanities are highlighted. The benefits of Open Access are stipulated, contributing to accelerating research and increasing its impact. It also describes Open Access actions to raise awareness and learn how to use OA platforms, green and gold roads, bachelor's or master's programs in the library, teaching OA as part of an important topic in Information Literacy courses, promotions seminars, marathons, explicitly and exclusively OA-dedicated database sessions, visibility and impacts journals, different methods and techniques used to evaluate the research, measuring the academic community as well as educating users on plagiarism, the correct use of references and citations.
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