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Title: Пушкин – «Француз», или модели французской поэзии в творчестве А. С. Пушкина [Articol]
Authors: Сузанская, Татьяна
Keywords: libertinage
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Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Сузанская, Татьяна. Пушкин – «Француз», или модели французской поэзии в творчестве А. С. Пушкина / Татьяна Сузанская // Tradiţie şi inovare în cercetarea ştiinţifică, Ediţia a 9-a: Materialele Colloquia Professorum din 11 oct. 2019. – Bălţi : US „Alecu Russo”, 2020. – P. 60-65. – ISBN 978-9975-50-243-6.
Abstract: Pushkin's impact on French poetry of the XVIII – beginning of XIX century exceeds all other influences. The author starts from the well-known thesis of F. M. Dostoevsky "the world responsiveness" of Pushkin and notes that is no less relevant themes: Pushkin is "an Englishman, Alexander Pushkin is "a German", Pushkin is "an Arab", Pushkin is "an Italian", Pushkin is "a Serb" etc. Inspired by the phenomena of world literature and culture, however, Pushkin remains unique Russian poet in his national identity. The article presents the poet's poems corresponding to the main models of French poetry and culture mastered by Pushkin in his youth: 1. Libertine culture (libertinage); 2. Rococo poetry; 3. Fugitive poetry. An example confirming the influence of French poetry on poet’s mature creation is the analyzes of Pushkin's poem "Henchman or the fifteenth year" (1830).
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