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Title: Особенности работы учителя начальной школы в инклюзивном классе [Articol]
Authors: Зорило, Лариса
Keywords: continuing education courses
features of the teacher’s work in an inclusive class
readiness model
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Зорило, Лариса. Особенности работы учителя начальной школы в инклюзивном классе / Лариса Зорило // Educaţia incluzivă: dimensiuni, provocări, soluţii : Materialele Conferinţei ştiinţifico-practice intern., Ed. a 5-a, 18 octombrie 2019. – Bălţi : S. n., 2019. – P. 90-95. – ISBN 978-9975-3302-8-2.
Abstract: This article discusses the features of the work of an elementary school teacher in an inclusive class. This problem was examined through the prism of advanced training for primary school teachers in the framework of the applied research project “Optimization of inclusive education in the process of continuous formation of professional competence of didactic personnel in preschool and primary school” at Balti State University A. Russo, as a result of which she developed a structural-functional model of training specialists in this field in the process of their training in continuing education courses. The features of the teacher’s work are correlated with the program of continuing education courses, and the methods of work of teachers.
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