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Title: Germana - sursă de îmbogăţire a lexicului românesc actual [Articol]
Authors: Chira, Oxana
Keywords: borrowing
Romanian vocabulary
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Chira, Oxana. Germana - sursă de îmbogăţire a lexicului românesc actual / Oxana Chira // Conferinţa ştiinţifică naţională Probleme de filologie: aspecte teoretice şi practice, ed. a 4-a, 08 dec. 2017. – Bălţi, 2018. – P. 6-12. – ISBN 978-9975-3225-9-1.
Abstract: The invasion of xenisms (foreignisms or loan words) nowadays is due to advertising, commercial or political purposes. Traders and politicians tend to impress the audience by using more sophisticated, foreign or institutionalized terms. We all know that the vocabulary of any language is enriched through different borrowings. In nowadays Romanian there are many German words that are used in speaking and writing. Our paper underlines the importance of this borrowing and renders different norms (phonetic, orthographic, morphologic etc.) of the adaptation of German elements into Romanian language. We also underline their positive effect as far as they are not used abusively.
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