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Title: Sarcina didactică centrată pe nevoile de învățare [Articol]
Authors: Rusov, Veronica
Keywords: teaching task
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Rusov, Veronica. Sarcina didactică centrată pe nevoile de învățare / Veronica Rusov // Educaţia incluzivă: dimensiuni, provocări, soluţii : Materialele Conferinţei ştiinţifico-practice intern., Ed. a 5-a, 18 octombrie 2019. – Bălţi : S. n., 2019. – P. 150-160. – ISBN 978-9975-3302-8-2.
Abstract: The article analyzes a series of theoretical and methodological problems faced by specialists who use or wish to use different methods and techniques to adapt the teaching task to the learning needs of the students. The international and national documents that regulate the individualized approach at the school and class level are listed. The methods of adapting the teaching task to the inclusive class are described.
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