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Title: Strategii didactice pentru formarea abilităților de calcul la copiii cu sindromul Down [Articol]
Authors: Cernei, Adriana
Cabac, Valeriu, coord. st.
Keywords: teaching strategies
multi-sensory learning techniques
calculating skills
children with Down Syndrome
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Cernei, Adriana. Strategii didactice pentru formarea abilităților de calcul la copiii cu sindromul Down / Adriana Cernei ; coord. şt.: Valeriu Cabac // Educaţia incluzivă: dimensiuni, provocări, soluţii : Materialele Conferinţei ştiinţifico-practice intern., Ed. a 5-a, 18 octombrie 2019. – Bălţi : S. n., 2019. – P. 121-126. – ISBN 978-9975-3302-8-2.
Abstract: The teaching strategies are characterized by flexibility, adapting them to the situations, learning conditions, but also the target group to which they are oriented. Adaptive restructuring of strategies depends on several factors, such as: - creativity and spontaneity of the teacher; - ability to identify the student's needs, - the possibility to use the child's strengths. Teaching strategies for training computing skills in children with Down Syndrome require a complex of interventions, resources, ways of activating them, of combining and arousing using "productive" devices of knowledge, mobilization, association and memorization. constructivist approaches as the teacher ensures that the process of teaching, learning and assessment will be focused on providing the information necessary for students to learn and think, practicing logical thinking, analytical, critical, synthesis, evaluation and resolution skills. of problems.
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