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Title: Instituția Publică Liceul Teoretic Văratic abordat ca o organizație ce învață
Authors: Nasu, Ilie
Cernei, Adriana
Keywords: organization
Issue Date: 2019
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Nasu, Ilie. Instituția Publică Liceul Teoretic Văratic abordat ca o organizație ce învață / I. Nasu, A. Cernei // Tradiţie şi inovare în cercetarea ştiinţifică, Ediţia a 8-a: Materialele Colloquia Professorum din 12 oct. 2018. – Bălţi : US „Alecu Russo”, 2019. – P. 202-208. – ISBN 978-9975-50-235.
Abstract: In modern world, the need to change mentalities is an important necessity from the psychological, pedagogical, social and especially managerial point of view. The central ideea, in this sense, is that the school assumes as an organization, through the aims and objectives pursued, at the basis of the instructive-educational activity, carried out in a formal and / or non-formal environment, highlights the values cultural aspects of the whole society, reflected in the pedagogical plan. S. Cristea said that: the school is an organization that performs a pedagogical activity within a specialized institutionalized framework with socially defined statutes and roles in order to achieve the micro-structural finalizations of the educational process and the macro- structural education system. By paraphrasing this definition, we could argue that the school is the organization whose main purpose is to make the student's personality within a specialized process, conceived at the same time as a teaching-learning-evaluation activity.
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