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Title: Web 2.0 tools in a language class: benefits and challenges [Articol]
Authors: Răciula, Ludmila
Keywords: digital technology
Web 2.0 tools
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Răciula, Ludmila. Web 2.0 tools in a language class: benefits and challenges / Ludmila Răciula // The use of modern educational and informational technologies for the training of professional competences of the students in higher education institutions : [The scientific-practical conference with international participation], December 7-8, 2018 : Articles. – Bălţi : Profadapt, 2018. – P. 275-279.
Abstract: The twenty first century is rightly considered the epoch of technology and speed, the two terms being often used together, implying that technology helps the users perform a task spending less time on it and making it more attractive. Teaching and learning has also changed under the influence of the new technological advances. A language class is rarely carried out without the use of any technology, be it directly through the use of Web 2.0 tools in the classroom, or using them to prepare for the class. Learners use social media, You Tube channels, online learning tools to communicate with their peers in English, to perform some tasks, or to improve their skills. Thus, no matter whether we want it or not, technology has already occupied a substantial niche in the field of language teaching. This article presents the background of the issue of technology in the classroom, as well as the benefits and challenges of using Web 2.0 tools by teachers and learners.
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