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dc.contributor.authorCapcelea, Valeriu-
dc.identifier.citationCapcelea, Valeriu. Locul și rolul intelectualului -„specialist” în dezvoltarea societății post-industriale / Valeriu Capcelea // Revista Tehnocopia. – 2018. – Nr 2(19). – P. 5-13. – ISSN
dc.description.abstractThis article discusses issues related to the place and role of the intellectual's-„specialist” in solving the problems faced by the post-industrial society in the third millennium. The author makes a comparison between the former intellectual's „universalist” mission and the one he must exercise today in the social life of the intellectual's – „specialist”. According to him, under the conditions of the post-industrial society, the function of the intellectual's -„specialist” needs to be revised, because his role in social life becomes even more important due to the diversity of their huge responsibility as notorious specialists in the crucial fields of science and technology contemporary - nuclear physics, genetics, programming, pharmacology, etc.en
dc.rightsAttribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internațional*
dc.subjectintellectual's– „universalist”en
dc.subjectmoral valuesen
dc.subjectpost-industrial societyen
dc.titleLocul și rolul intelectualului -„specialist” în dezvoltarea societății post-industriale [Articol]ro
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