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Title: Analiza și evaluarea soluțiilor de formulare a obiectivelor întreprinderii [Articol]
Authors: Oleiniuc, Maria
Keywords: method
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Oleiniuc, Maria. Analiza și evaluarea soluțiilor de formulare a obiectivelor întreprinderii / Maria Oleiniuc // Asigurarea viabilităţii economico-manageriale pentru dezvoltarea durabilă a economiei regionale în condiţiile integrării în UE: Materialele conf. şt. intern., 15-16 sept. 2017. – Bălţi, 2018. – P. 26-28
Abstract: To plan the future work of the enterprise in conditions of uncertainty is necessary to elaborate the overall strategy to them. Accordingly, there is a need to formulate answers to questions about what directions of development are much more important in a particular situation for an enterprise. In international practice there are certain methodological approaches and tools of strategic management at the enterprises, which are presented by I. Ansoff, M. Porter.
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