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Title: Dezvoltarea inteligenţei spirituale a elevilor prin educaţie muzicală [Articol]
Authors: Graneţkaia, Lilia
Keywords: field of musical art
music education
personality`s spiritual state
musical pedagogy
educaţie muzicală
starea spirituală a personalităţii
pedagogia muzicală
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Graneţkaia, Lilia. Dezvoltarea inteligenţei spirituale a elevilor prin educaţie muzicală / L. Graneţkaia // Managementul educaţional: realizări şi perspective de dezvoltare = Educational management: achievements and the development perspectives : Materialele Conf. şt.-pract. intern., ed. 1-a, 27 aprilie 2017, Chişinău. – Bălţi : S. n., 2017. – P. 339-343. – ISBN 978-9975-132-97-8.
Abstract: The challenge aims of education in the field of musical art involves the formation of personality with high artistic culture, fundamentals of this conception suppose developing and valuing the pupil's abilities throughout the period of school age. In this article discussed a pressing problem of contemporary in musical pedagogy and in particular - the issue of training / development of the students’ spiritual intelligence. The author believes that the objective can be successfully achieved in process of music education / music perception process. Quality of musical perception dependents on the understanding of music that is directly linked with living a musical phenomenon as a identification process of the personality`s spiritual state. Art is a way of training / development of students’ spiritual intelligence.
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