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Title: Higher education as a security element [Articol]
Authors: Buga, Oleg
Păvăluc, Sabina-Elena
Keywords: higher education
demographic crisis
national security
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Buga, Oleg. Higher education as a security element / Oleg Buga, Sabina-Elena Păvăluc // Asigurarea viabilităţii economico-manageriale pentru dezvoltarea durabilă a economiei regionale în condiţiile integrării în UE: Materialele conf. şt. intern., 15-16 sept. 2017. – Bălţi, 2018. – P. 123-124
Abstract: It is known that after church, the oldest and the most important leading institutes involved in any civilized human community was and remains school. Because it is one of the resistant pillars of the society, from the beginning it was created under the church and the first teachers, as we know, were called dascăli-inspired, devoted teachers, willing to guide the younger generation.
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