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Title: Структура поверхностных слоев стеклянной тары по данным метода HF-секционирования [Articol]
Authors: Шарагов, Василий
Азаренко, О. В.
Keywords: straturile superficiale ale sticlei
condiţii hidrodinamice
Issue Date: 2004
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Шарагов, Василий. Структура поверхностных слоев стеклянной тары по данным метода HF-секционирования / ВасилийШарагов, О. В. Азаренко // Analele Ştiinţifice ale Universităţii „Alecu Russo” din Bălţi. Serie nouă. – Bălţi, 2004. – Fasc. a, t. 20 : Tehnică, Fizică, Matematică şi Informatică. – P. 97-104. – ISBN 9975-931-35-9.
Abstract: The method of the section etching by solution HF is proposed to be used for the analysis of the surface layers of the container glass. The data for the dissolving rate of the container glass surface layers at the depth of not more than 10 pm are given here. The graphs of the dissolving rate of glasses in dependence to the hydrodynamics conditions are analyzed. The possibility of the revealing of the stratified structure in the container glass is discussed.
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