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Title: Locul și rolul universităților în dezvoltarea socială [Articol]
Authors: Capcelea, Valeriu
Keywords: dezvoltare socială
rolul universităţilor
studii superioare
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Capcelea, Valeriu. Locul și rolul universităților în dezvoltarea socială / V. Capcelea // Revista Tehnocopia : Rev. şt.-metodică. – 2017. – Nr 2(17). – P. 5-14. – ISSN 1857-4904.
Abstract: This paper addresses the issue of the place and role of universities in social development in general and in the Republic of Moldova in particular. About the role of universities in the world is spoken by taking, for example, the University of Chicago. The author refers to the state of affairs in the Moldovan higher education system, elucidating a very dangerous situation regarding the educational and formative dimension of the formation of specialists with higher education. At the same time, a whole series of gaps are profiled: the higher education system is a closed system, both internally and externally; insufficient selection and employment of staff capable of meeting the needs of the organization; master studies turned into a fad, but not in necessity, etc.
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