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Title: Pedagogical tactfulness – essential aspect of educator-educated relationships [Articol]
Authors: Buga, Oleg
Manolache, Alina-Florentina
Keywords: pedagogical tactfulness
educated relationships
psychosocial phenomenon
tactualitatea pedagogică
relaţii educaţionale
fenomen psihosocial
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Buga, Oleg. Pedagogical tactfulness – essential aspect of educator-educated relationships / O. Buga, Alina-Florentina Manolache // Managementul educaţional: realizări şi perspective de dezvoltare = Educational management: achievements and the development perspectives : Materialele Conf. şt.-pract. intern., ed. 1-a, 27 aprilie 2017, Chişinău. – Bălţi : S. n., 2017. – P. 134-136. – ISBN 978-9975-132-97-8.
Abstract: Tactfulness represents an aspect of interhuman relations. The term comes from the Latin tactus which means contact, influence, action, sense of moderation. The nowadays accepted meaning, tactfulness implies the strict abidance of day-to-day behaviour rules. Being a psychosocial phenomenon, tactfulness occurs only in a social interaction, in every human activity. We can speak about tactfulness in relations between spouses, friends, coworkers, members of a political organization, etc. In all these situations, tactfulness takes aim at human relationships, carrying the observance of reputation, of other’s prestige, with the purpose of accomplishment, without difficulties, of one’s own interests. Tactfulness has an important part in educator-educated relationships on every school rung, although in the more recently emerging studies was insisted increasingly on implications in work with finality instructive. Tact is the fundamental teaching of craftsmanship (which is the full development of all components of teacher personality) requirement for ensuring authority and educator by profession.
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