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Title: К вопросу платежеспособности и ликвидности баланса предприятий : [Articol]
Authors: Булат, Георгий
Keywords: întreprinderi
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Булат, Георгий. К вопросу платежеспособности и ликвидности баланса предприятий / Г. Булат // Analele Universităţii de Stat “Alecu Russo” din Bălţi. Serie nouă. – Bălţi, 2007. – Fasc. a. : Economie, T. 21. – P. 40-45. – ISBN 978-9975-9555-9-1-4.
Abstract: Problems of analysis of liquidity of enterprises and his balance are considered; ways of their decision are offered, in particular; to analyses enterprinse liquidity’, determining coefficients of absolute liquidity, coefficient of rapid liquidity, coefficient of current liquidity and summarizing index of liquidity.
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