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Title: Abordări contemporane ale coaching-ului în pedagogia culturii emoţionale [Articol]
Authors: Cojocaru-Borozan, Maia
Şova, Tatiana
Keywords: coaching in the pedagogy
emotional culture
pedagogia culturii emoţionale
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Cojocaru-Borozan, Maia. Abordări contemporane ale coaching-ului în pedagogia culturii emoţionale / M. Cojocaru-Borozan, Tatiana Șova // Structura şi dinamica personalităţii umane în epoca globalizării: perspective psiho-socio-pedagogice = Structure and dynamics of human personality in the era of globalization: psycho-socio-pedagogic perspectives : Materialele Conf. Şt. Intern., 26 mai 2017, Bălţi. - Bălţi : Universitatea de Stat “Alecu Russo” din Bălţi, 2017. – P. 136-139. – ISBN 978-9975-50-205-4.
Abstract: The article deals with the concept of coaching in the pedagogy of emotional culture, a concept developed in the last decades, prevalently in the field of management. Coaching is a practice and a managerial process that involves behavioral change, a way for people to improve their diverse areas of professional and personal life. The role of emotions in the coaching process is a priority, as the emphasis on human interaction activates unused resources, motivation, inspiration, and extension of the frame of reference.
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