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Title: Câmpul idiomatic „limbuție” în limba română [Articol]
Authors: Lacusta, Elena
Keywords: idiomatic field
phraseological units
conceptual metaphor
unităţi fraziologice
câmpuri idiomatice
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Lacusta, Elena. Câmpul idiomatic „limbuție” în limba română / Elena Lacusta // Artă şi educaţie artistică : rev. de cultură, şt. şi practică educaţională. – 2016. – Nr 2(28). – P. 11-17.
Abstract: The present article aims the idiomatic field of „chatter” in the Romanian Language, formulating its conceptual metaphor in the Romanian mentality. The idiomatic fields with which it partially overlaps (prattle, gossip, slander, indiscretion, lie etc) are identified. Also, the idiomatic classes that serve as tools for building the image are presented (mouth, tongue, mill, beater, drum etc.)
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