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Title: Rolul competenţelor comunicative în activitatea profesională a juriştilor [Articol]
Authors: Putina, Inga
Keywords: competenţe comunicative
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Putina, Inga. Rolul competenţelor comunicative în activitatea profesională a juriştilor / Inga Putina // Aspecte psihosociopedagogice ale procesului educaţional: tradiţii, valori, perspective : Materialele conf. şt.-practice intern. consacrată jubileului de 50 de ani de la fondarea Fac. de Pedagogie, Psihologie şi Asistenţă socială, Bălţi, 27 mai 2011. – Bălţi, 2011. – P. 208-209.
Abstract: Professional activity of jurists, in addition to skilled knowledge, skills and special skills, knowledge required by most employees and the presence of psychological techniques so would ensure a high level of communication culture. Jurist's activity is linked to direct contact with people. Consequently, one of the main directions of activity of lawyers is the communication function, which involves communication in terms o f law regula ting. Communication skills play an important role for the majority manifested in judicial staff especially for lawyers, judges, prosecutors, prosecuting officer and other experts.
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