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dc.contributor.authorNeamțu, Anastasia
dc.identifier.citationNeamțu, Anastasia. Nematozii entomopatogeni – mijloc de combatere biologică a dăunătorilor / Anastasia Neamțu // Agricultura durabilă în Republica Moldova: provocări actuale şi perspective : Culegere de articole ştiinţifice. – Bălţi : Indigou Color, 2017. – P. 158-161. – ISBN
dc.description.abstractThe interest for entomopathogenic nematodes increases every year and they are used worldwide as a biological mean for plant protection agains pests. The aim of our research is the assay of the most effective isolates of nematodes on the territory of our country and to determine the most effective and inexpensive way of their rearing in order to implement entomopathogenic nematodes in integrated systems for plant protection.en
dc.subjectdăunătorii plantelorro
dc.subjectdaune recoltelorro
dc.subjectestimarea pierderilorro
dc.titleNematozii entomopatogeni – mijloc de combatere biologică a dăunătorilor [Articol]ro
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