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Title: Imaginea preotului în mentalul românesc: între defecte şi calităţi [Articol]
Authors: Lacusta, Elena
Keywords: proverb
painting linguistic
religious painting
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Lacusta Elena. Imaginea preotului în mentalul românesc: între defecte şi calităţi / Elena Lacusta // Conferinţa ştiinţifică internaţională „Tradiţie şi inovaţie în cercetarea filologică”, 27 octombrie 2015 Vol.1. - 2016. - P. 55-58.
Abstract: The article describes the image of the priest under fixed structures of the Romanian language. Double approach proves existence of this reality in the life of Romanians. One – marked positive – reflected purely religious contexts. Another one – marked negatively reflected in the popular mind (proverbs, anecdotes, legends). This way, the Romanian language selects two terms to designate servant church – priest and clergyman – the last being ridiculed and exploited to the full picture and seem popular narrative. Popa is characterized more negative traits – is immoral, cunning thief, bad (illiterate), drunkard, liar, ruthless with his subjects, charlatan, hypocrite, businessman, greedy etc. This dual aspect of the priest's image is proven by Romanian community and associative experiment, where the stimulus clergyman were selected equally marked positive and negative reactions.
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