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Title: Personificarea (antropomorfismul) – componentă indispensabilă a culturii spirituale contemporane [Articol]
Authors: Parnovel, Valeriu
Keywords: antropomorphism
cultură spirituală
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Parnovel, Valeriu. Personificarea (antropomorfismul) – componentă indispensabilă a culturii spirituale contemporane / Valeriu Parnovel // Tradiţie şi inovare în cercetarea ştiinţifică, ed. a 6-a dedicată Anului profesorului Nicolae Filip : Materialele Colloquia Professorum din 29 sept. 2016. – Bălţi : Presa universitară bălţeană, 2017. – Vol. 1. – P. 181-188.
Abstract: Personification nowadays is presented as a typical phenomenon only for certain domains of activity sueh as artistic creation, common knowledge, religion. Antropomophism (the general description of the debated phenomenon) cesed in the process of leaning, is considered eithen an old fashioned thinking or according to F.Bacon’s statement remarked in the XVII century, it is a cognition idol which shield be excluded from usage. The given article dwells on the idea that antropomorphism constitutes a positive phenomenon and even more complex that it is treated at present. Personification is more widely spread even the fields and activities that are considered strict and objective. Antropomophism is an important cognitive means of percepting reality and it can be estimated as an indispensable component of the world spiritual culture.
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