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Title: Capacităţi şi performanţe în viziunea şcolii şi familiei [Articol]
Authors: Buga, Oleg
Melnic, Natalia
Keywords: elevi
atitudine faţă de şcoală
evaluarea în învăţămînt
performanţe şcolare
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Buga, Oleg. Capacităţi şi performanţe în viziunea şcolii şi familiei / Oleg Buga, Natalia Melnic // Tradiţii şi valori în formarea profesională a cadrelor didactice în învăţămîntul preşcolar şi primar : Materialele conf. şt. intern. consacrată aniversării a 55-a de la fondarea Fac. de Ştiinţe ale Educaţiei, Psihologie şi Arte, 29 oct. 2015. - Bălţi. - 2015. - P. 208-213.
Abstract: For a part of the students assessing professor constitutes stimulants. " what they guided and energizes conduct, while for others same appreciation becomes a source frustration. Suction level is bracketfrom the level of performance on which the subject you want to see and believe that they will reach. Data on the level of suction should be linked with the values that characterise effective performance of school students, performance is usually expressed in notes. Important problems rose and in connection with the fear of failure in relation to the level of aspiration. This fear has an effect inhibator and for defense purposes, the student would prefer to expect less than to take a chance. An important role in avoiding failure has degree of realism of the level of suction of students and parents, its correlation with the capabilities and skills of real elvilor. If this is not the case pupil feels frustrated, dissatisfied with is appreciated, incomprehensible by teachers, parents, and coworkers becomes isolated by collectively.
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