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Title: Formation of oxide thin pellicles by means of electric discharges in pulse [Articol]
Authors: Topală, Pavel
Ojegov, Alexandr
Keywords: oxide pellicles
electric discharges in pulse
descărcări electrice în impuls
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Topală, Pavel. Formation of oxide thin pellicles by means of electric discharges in pulse / Pavel Topala, Alexandr Ojegov // Buletinul Institutului Politehnic din Iaşi. Secţia Construcţii de maşini. – 2008. – Tom. LIV (LVIII), fasc. 2. – P. 121-128. – ISSN 1011-2855.
Abstract: The article contains the results of theoretical and experimental investigations concerning the formation of oxide thin layers on the surface of metal pieces by means of electric discharges in pulse. The possibility of forming oxide pellicles on metal surfaces is determined by the chemical contents of the passive layer and the type of its conductibility. The pellicles obtained by this method increase the surface active resistance up to 1,2 MΩ and decrease the surface roughness. The productivity of forming oxide pellicles by means of this method depends on the energetic regime of processing and can reach from 1 to 20 cm2/min.
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