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Title: Structural modifications - properties of surface micro-strata with graphite depositions [Articol]
Authors: Topală, Pavel
Beşliu, Vitalie
Stoicev, Petru
Ojegov, Alexandr
Keywords: electric discharges in impulse
graphite pellicle
micro hardness
tensile strength
tearing force
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Structural modifications - properties of surface micro-strata with graphite depositions / Topală Pavel, Beşliu Vitalie, Petru Stoicev, Alexandr Ojegov // International Journal of Modern Manufacturing Technologies. – 2013. – Vol. V, nr. 2. – P. 97-102. – ISSN 2067-3604.
Abstract: This paper presents the results of experimental investigations of the behavior of surface layers formed by graphite deposition under the action of electrical discharges in impulse (EDI). It is shown that the formed pellicle continuity constitutes at least 82%, the layer thickness does not exceed 7 pm, the diffusion depth is about 30 pm, the surface micro hardness increases by 2-8 times (for steels), the potential of corrosion decreases, the wear resistance increases by 3-4 times and the sticking effect during the functioning in mobile couplers at dry rubbing has not been attested. The use of graphite tool- electrode also improves the mechanical properties at the microscopic level, such as tensile strength. Test trials with the use of these three processing regimes have shown that the maximum tearing force for samples made of steel 3 coated with graphite increases compared to that of the raw sample.
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