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Title: New directions in the practical application of electro erosion [Articol]
Authors: Topală, Pavel
Hîrbu, Arefa
Ojegov, Alexandr
Keywords: electro erosion
micro geometry
electronic emissionInternational
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Topală, Pavel. New directions in the practical application of electro erosion / Pavel Topala, Arefa Hîrbu, Alexandr Ojegov // Nonconventional Technologies Review. – 2011. – Nr. 1. – P. 49-57.
Abstract: The paper contains the results of experimental investigations regarding the application of electric discharges in high voltage in the modification of metal surface micro geometry. The division of the plasma channel into a multitude of micro channels ensures the simultaneous formation of a great number of meniscuses on the processed surfaces throughout a solitary discharge. It is demonstrated that the formed conic meniscuses increase the processed surface area by 8 times and the power of electronic thermo emission current by 10 times.
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