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Title: Application of EDI in increasing durability of glass moulding forms poansons [Articol]
Authors: Topală, Pavel
Mazuru, Sergiu
Besliu, Vitalie
Cosovschii, Pavel
Ojegov, Alexandr
Keywords: durability jraphite pellicle
electrical discharges in impulse
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Application of EDI in increasing durability of glass moulding forms poansons / Pavel Topala, Sergiu Mazuru, Vitalie Besliu, Pavel Cosovschii, Alexandr Ojegov // Proceedings of the 15th International Conference Modern Technologies, Quality and Innovation, Iaşi – Chişinău – Belgrad : ModTech, 2011, New face of TMCR, 25-27 May 2011, Vadul lui Vodă, Chişinău. – Iaşi, 2011. – Vol. 2. – P. 1093-1097. – ISSN 2069-6736.
Abstract: The results of experimental investigations into increasing the durability of glass moulding forms poansons are presented in this work. The increase of durability in these pieces is realized through the formation of graphite pellicles on their active surface by applying electrical discharges in impulse (EDI). The graphite pellicle formation provokes partial surface hardening simultaneously serving as ointment in solid state, the result being the increase of machined piece functional performances. Exp . mental investigations have shown that the formation c raphile deposits on the active surface of pieces constitue s of glass BT-l moulding forms increases their dural ;ty. at least, by two times.
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