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Title: Secondary Radiation in Color Optical Filter Glasses by the Action of Plasma [Articol]
Authors: Hîrbu, Arefa
Topală, Pavel
Ojegov, Alexandr
Keywords: color optical filter glass
multi-photonic excitation
monochromatic light radiation
excited electronic states
inverse electronic relaxation
electrical discharges in impulse
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Hîrbu, Arefa. Secondary Radiation in Color Optical Filter Glasses by the Action of Plasma / Arefa Hîrbu, Pavel Topala, Alexandr Ojegov // Advanced Materials Research. – 2014. – Vol. 1036. – P. 158-163.
Abstract: This paper presents the results of experimental investigations and theoretical analysis of secondary physical phenomena that occur at interaction of electrical discharges in impulse (EDI) plasma radiation with color optical filter glasses. It was established that infrared filters (of type IKS) emit a violet secondary radiation, and dark filter (of type TS) emits a green secondary radiation. Detected phenomena can be explained by secondary radiation emission due to multi-photonic excitation of Si02 molecules and direct-inverse translating from one energy level to another. One of the resonance oscillatory levels (of the absorption bands) for molecules of Si02 is 780 cm'1. Thus, for infrared filters the number of absorbed infrared photons is 33, and for dark glasses is 24. In this case, the wave length of secondary radiation is 388.5 nm (violet color) and 534.2 nm (green color) respectfully. This phenomenon can be applied in construction of equipment functioning based on monochromatic light radiation.
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