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dc.contributor.authorGarbuz, Veronica-
dc.identifier.citationGarbuz, Veronica. Implicațiile capitalului uman asupra evoluției pieței muncii / Veronica Garbuz // Asigurarea viabilităţii economico-manageriale pentru dezvoltarea durabilă a economiei regionale în condiţiile integrării în Uniunea Europeană : Materialele Conf. şt. intern., Bălţi, 16-17 septembrie, 2016. – Iaşi : Editura Pim, 2017. – P. 96-103. – ISBN
dc.description.abstractHuman capital-value has a decisive role in the labor process. It ensures effective combination of other resources necessary for the creation of goods and services production and consumption. State investment to create a variety of specialists based on the actual needs of the labor market ensures, on the one hand, an activity area real after completing their studies and, on the other hand, an investment recovered by covering positions with professionally trained persons. Research in human capital aimed at both the concept itself, as well as the implications of human capital formation on labor market performance.en
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dc.subjectcapital umanro
dc.titleImplicațiile capitalului uman asupra evoluției pieței muncii [Articol]ro
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