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Title: Neologismul şi cuvîntul vechi: funcţionalitatea lor [Articol]
Authors: Stanţieru, Svetlana
Keywords: limba română
cuvinte învechite
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Stanţieru, Svetlana. Neologismul şi cuvîntul vechi: funcţionalitatea lor / Svetlana Stanţieru // Инновации и прагматика филологических исследований : материалы Междунар. науч. конф., посвящ. памяти профессора В. Н. Мигирина. – Bălţi. - 2006. - P. 150-154.
Abstract: A language is known to be developing with the progress of the society. The vocabulary of a language, therefore, doesn’t present the same homogeneity: it consists of the basic word stock and vocabulary volume itself. The author of this article examines: 1) how a part of words, which form a part of the vocabulary volume – neologisms – penetrates into the basic word stock; 2) how neologisms function in comparison with the stock vocabulary.
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