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Title: Educarea copiilor cu nevoi speciale – o chestiune de mental românesc (studiu în baza frazeologiei) [Articol]
Authors: Lacusta, Elena
Bejan, Angela
Keywords: education of children
children with special needs
certain educational principles
educarea copiilor
copiii cu nevoi speciale
anumite principii educaționale
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Lacusta, Elena. Educarea copiilor cu nevoi speciale – o chestiune de mental românesc (studiu în baza frazeologiei) / Elena Lacusta, Angela Bejan // Conferinţa ştiinţifico-practică internaţională "Educaţia incluzivă: dimensiuni, provocări, soluţii", ed. a 2-a, 07 octombrie 2016 = II Международная научно-практическая конференция "Инклюзивное образование: направления, проблемы, решения". – Bălţi : [s.n.], 2016. – P. 98-105.
Abstract: The article proves that the education of children with special needs must be approached in the teaching process as a human universality. The deficiencies that characterizes them do not deny their human nature and, respectively, the application of the same educational principles.The care and the education (identical definitions in mind) of children with special needs to be pursued in terms of attitude and vision of Romanian community towards the general educational process. Thus, essentially addressing the problem of educating children with special needs should start with the identification of certain educational principles accepted by the entire community.These principles can be drown from phraseological units, as collective results containing Romanian vision towards the world in general and towards education in particular.
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