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Title: Praxiologia inovativ-artistică: oportunitățile implementării [Articol]
Other Titles: Innovative artistic praxeology: deployment opportunities
Authors: Babii, Vladimir
Keywords: praxiologia inovativ-formativă
eficiența educației artistice
succes personal
succes public
pedagogie inovativă
innovative formative praxeology
efficiency of artistic education
innovative pedagogy
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Babii, Vladimir. Praxiologia inovativ-artistică: oportunitățile implementării = Innovative artistic praxeology: deployment opportunities / Vladimir Babii // Valorificarea strategiilor inovaţionale de dezvoltare a învăţămîntului artistic contemporan : Vol. Conf. şt.-practice intern. dedicat memoriei Dr. habilitat în pedagogie Vladimir Babii. – Bălţi : [s.n.], 2016. – P. 20-24. – ISBN 978-9975-3145-9-6.
Abstract: In the material is treated the problem of the deployment into the national artistic education an innovative praxeology, which constitutes a new direction of research in theoretical and practical level, being a logical continuation of the efficiency concept in arts education. The concept is approved in scientific laboratories of IES from Chisinau and it is based theoretical positions and is nominated praxeological basis of the efficiency of the pupil’s and teacher’s action, offering new openings for upgrading in secondary and professional artistic education. Expected results of the research correlates with findings obtained in innovative pedagogy, carried out over a large area by the team of scientific project Management of formative innovative praxeology deployment to the national artistic education system, which recorded success in the targeted field and worthy of being followed by internal factors and external ones.
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