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Title: Преодоление сопротивления воспитанию детей в инклюзивном классе [Articol]
Authors: Зорило, Лариса
Keywords: educaţie incluzivă
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Зорило, Лариса. Преодоление сопротивления воспитанию детей в инклюзивном классе / Лариса Зорило // Rezistenţa la educaţie: Soluţii şi perspective : Materialele Conf. Şt.-practice intern. organizată în cadrul proiectului instituţional, Cercet. fenomenului rezistenţei educaţiei sub aspect socio-psiho-pedagogic în şcoala primară rurală, cifrul 11.817.08.70A. – Bălţi : [s.n.], 2014. – P. 224-232. – ISBN 978-9975-132-15-2.
Abstract: The article discusses the problem of resistance to education in the inclusive class. It is argued the urgency of the problem, and it is proves the main points that should be put into the organization of the educational process with this category of children. The author gives the specific recommendations for the organization of correctional and development work which helps to overcome the juniorpupils’ resistance to education.
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