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Title: Informarea şi educaţia ecologică a utilizatorilor universitari bălţeni [Articol]
Other Titles: Environmenal information and education of Balti academic users
Authors: Topalo, Valentina
Keywords: educaţia ecologică
manifistări culturale
Biblioteca Ştiinţifică a Universităţii de Stat "Alecu Russo"
utilizatori universitari
environmental education
academic users
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Biblioteca Ştiinţifică USARB
Citation: Topalo, Valentina. Informarea şi educaţia ecologică a utilizatorilor universitari bălţeni = Environmenal information and education of Balti academic users / Valentina Topalo // Confluenţe bibliologice : Rev. de biblioteconomie şi şt. Informării. – 2013. – Nr 1-2(31-32). – P. 44-49. – ISSN 1857-0232.
Abstract: The article described the scientific field of the Environmental Decade pro-gramme: harnessing the Scientific Library collections in the greater interest of the students, pupils, teachers, related environmental issues; Informing/consulting in matters of environment and ecology through traditional and on-line exhibitions, through Scientific Library website page; TVclips Environmental Decade at the TV in the library lobby; Organization of scientific events (public lectures on issues of environmental protection, nutrition, health, bibliographic and thematic bibliographic reviews, thematic exhibition presentations in Power Point, national and international databases, presentations) that provides a framework for debate and specific initiatives, cooperation with faculties, high school and college, promotion in the Mass Media, Radio-Mol-dova-News.
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