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dc.contributor.authorHarconiţa, Elena
dc.contributor.authorMihaluţa, Lina
dc.contributor.authorStratan, Elena
dc.identifier.citationHarconiţa, Elena. Activitatea ştiinţifică a bibliotecarilor - parte integrantă a ştiinţei universitare = Scientific activity of librarians-part of the university science / Elena Harconiţa, Lina Mihaluţa, Elena Stratan // Confluenţe bibliologice : Rev. de biblioteconomie şi şt. Informării. – 2013. – Nr 1-2(31-32). – P. 7-19. – ISSN
dc.description.abstractIn 2012 the University Library's employees, (about 77% from them are holders of the ranks) organized 3 conferences, 4 workshops for school, high schools colleges librarians for 16 districts from North of Moldova and and mun. Balti, 11 seminars and public lectures, have partcipate to 40 professional meetings with 102 communications, published 56 works (including 27 electronic and 14 promotional materials), 104 articles promoting the proper image, creativity and resourcefulness of most loyal employees.en
dc.publisherBiblioteca Ştiinţifică USARBro
dc.subjectactivitatea ştiinţifică a bibliotecarilorro
dc.subjectbiblioteca universitarăro
dc.subjectscientific activity of librariansen
dc.subjectuniversity libraryen
dc.titleActivitatea ştiinţifică a bibliotecarilor - parte integrantă a ştiinţei universitare [Articol]ro
dc.title.alternativeScientific activity of librarians-part of the university scienceen
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