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Title: Influenţa limbajului ştiinţific asupra formării competenţelor [Articol]
Authors: Abramciuc, Valeriu
Cecan, Marin
Keywords: education
scientific language
limbaj ştiinţific
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Abramciuc, Valeriu. Influenţa limbajului ştiinţific asupra formării competenţelor / Valeriu Abramciuc, Marin Cecan // Abordarea prin competenţe a formării universitare: probleme, soluţii, perspective: Materialele conf. şt. intern. consacrate aniversării a 65-a de la fondarea Univ. de Stat "Alecu Russo" din Bălţi, 8 oct. 2010. – Bălţi. – 2011. – P. 120-122.
Abstract: The formation of competencies is a multifaceted process, determined and influenced by a number of situations and conditions. Special role in this regard is attributed to the scientific language adopted in activities with students. The article presents some results of the analysis of the impact of scientific language on the formation of exact science student’s competences. It states a direct and effective relationship between the level of understanding of the studied material and the conscious possession of scientific terminology in this field. Insufficient level of knowledge of the scientific concepts/terms can lead to a state of inhibition, inactivity, of decrease or failure of interest, and others.
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