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Title: Situaţia - punct de pornire în formarea competenţelor [Articol]
Authors: Bleandură, Nicoleta
Keywords: competence-based learning
învăţămînt centrat pe competenţe
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Bleandură, Nicoleta. Situaţia - punct de pornire în formarea competenţelor / Nicoleta Bleandură // Abordarea prin competenţe a formării universitare: probleme, soluţii, perspective: Materialele conf. şt. intern. consacrate aniversării a 65-a de la fondarea Univ. de Stat "Alecu Russo" din Bălţi, 8 oct. 2010. – Bălţi. – 2011. – P. 88-94.
Abstract: Competence-oriented education has become a necessity of the modern society. The lack of a clear and unanimous definition of the concept of competence does not facilitate this process, though. In consequence, there is much confusion related to defining competence as capacity, objective, performance, qualification or even a characteristic of a person. However, there are some key elements that define the concept of competence that are supported by many researchers. The article analyses the competence concept approach starting from its essential element - the situation. Different roles of the situation in developing competences are investigated, such as competence characteristics, source or criterion. Finally, the author analyses the possibility of competence management through a referential of situations.
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