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Title: Качественные и количественные методы оценки эффективности маркетинга [Articol]
Authors: Лянка, Лилия
Keywords: marketing
methods of marketing evaluation
efficiency of marketing
metode de evaluare a marketingului
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Лянка, Лилия. Качественные и количественные методы оценки эффективности маркетинга / Лилия Лянка // Economia regională : Problemele şi perspectivele dezvoltării : Conf. şt. intern., 24-25 iun. 2005. – Bălţi : Presa universitară bălţeană, 2005. – Vol. 2. – P. 117-121. – ISBN 9975-931-90-1.
Abstract: High-quality and quantity methods of marketing evaluation. Efficiency of marketing depends a lot from the way of marketing organization, its problems and on what level marketing solves it Marketing information plays the decisive role. The evaluation of marketing efficiency is a highly difficult task. Therefore, high/quality and quantity methods are used. High-quality methods intend using marketing check/ups. Quantity methods need comparisons of expenses on marketing with the received profit and expenses on advertisement to the value of sale.
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