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Title: Principiul succesului muzical – artistic [Articol]
Other Titles: The principle of the musical-artistic success
Authors: Babii, Vladimir
Keywords: educaţie muzicală
succesului muzical
musical educaţion
musical-artistic success
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Babii, Vladimir. Principiul succesului muzical – artistic = The principle of the musical-artistic success / Vladimir Ion Babii // Educaţia artistic-spirituală în contextul învăţămîntului contemporan : Materialele Conf. Int., 19-21 mai, 2005 Vol.3 : Aspecte metodologice ale educaţiei artistic-spirituale. – 2005. – P. 14-21. – ISBN 9975-931-84-7.
Abstract: In musical educaţion, alongside with other domians of Pedagogics it has been focused on the change of the process content; that is the exterior factors have been more emphasizet that the interior ones. There are characterized by the change (development of the ego’s interior world. The problem in the change in Education has always been a criteria of the change / development of an efficient personality. It is the success that constitues both an act of accomplishment, and an act of change / renovation.
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