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Title: Istoria descoperirii termometrului şi a scărilor de temperatură [Articol]
Authors: Popa, Mihail
Keywords: invenţii tehnice
scări de temperatură
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Popa, Mihail. Istoria descoperirii termometrului şi a scărilor de temperatură / Mihail Popa // Revista Tehnocopia : Rev. şt.-metodică. – 2015. – Nr 2(13). – P. 58-71. – ISSN 1857-4904.
Abstract: The paper presents history of evolution from thermoscope up to digital thermometers. Several authors have worked on the invention of the thermometer, from Drebbel and Fludd to Galilei or Santorio. In the first half of the century XVIII were invented empirical temperature scales of Fahrenheit, Celsius, Réaumur and Kelvin.
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