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Title: Технология термохимической обработки стеклянной тары кислыми газами [Articol]
Authors: Шарагов, Василий
Keywords: стеклянная тара
химическая устойчивость
кислый газ
prelucrarea sticlei
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Шарагов, Василий Андреевич. Технология термохимической обработки стеклянной тары кислыми газами / В. А. Шарагов // Revista Tehnocopia. – 2013. – Nr 2 (9). – P. 9-18. – ISSN 1857-4904.
Abstract: The article deals with the principles of design of thermo-chemical treatment of the surface of glass containers by gaseous reagents. It also focuses on the regimes of the modification of the surface of the containers by gases. Gaseous reagents such as fluorine- and chlorine-containing gases and gas mixtures are used in the capacity of acid gases. In industrial conditions the treatment of glass containers with fluoride- and chlorine-containing reagents improves their chemical resistance by 1-2 orders, while the mechanical strength of glass increases by 30 %, thermal stability and microhardness - by 15 %. . The article analyses the advantages and disadvantages of this technology.
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