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Title: Tehnologii inovaţionale în dezvoltarea colecţiilor Bibliotecii
Other Titles: Innovative technologies in the development of library collections
Authors: Afatin, Igor
Prian, Tatiana
Keywords: Innovative technologies
development of Scientific Library collections
tehnologii inovaţionale
dezvoltarea colecţiilor Bibliotecii Ştiinţifice
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: Biblioteca Ştiinţifică USARB
Citation: Afatin, Igor. Tehnologii inovaţionale în dezvoltarea colecţiilor Bibliotecii = Innovative technologies in the development of library collections / Igor Afatin, Tatiana Prian // Biblioteca Ştiinţifică - 65 de ani în rolul de partener şi inovator al procesului educaţional şi de cercetare ştiinţifică universitară : Materialele Conf. şt.. - Bălţi, 2011. - P. 40-44.
Abstract: This article tells about the opportunities and benefits of applying information technologies in the process of development of collections in „Alecu Russo” Balti State University Scientific Library. Computerized technological processis performed via the development and implementation of application programs, adapting the existing ones to the needs of recording, processing and managing the documents at their first stage in Library Management.
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