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Title: Методика определения интенсивности выщелачивания неорганических стекол кислыми газами [Articol]
Authors: Шарагов, Василий
Бурковский, Ион
Keywords: неорганическое стекло
кислый газ
sticlă neorganică
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Шарагов, Василий Андреевич. Методика определения интенсивности выщелачивания неорганических стекол кислыми газами / В. А. Шарагов, И. А. Бурковский // Revista Tehnocopia. – 2013. – Nr 1(8). – P. 21-27. – ISSN 1857-4904.
Abstract: There has been developed a technique for determining the intensity of the dealkalization of inorganic glasses by acid gases. The essence of the technique consists in calculating the extraction rate of alkali metal cations from the surface layers of inorganic glasses. For this purpose, it is necessary to determine the concentration of alkali metal cations in the solution, after washing with distilled water the products obtained as a result of the reaction of glass with acid gases. The advantages and disadvantages of this technique are analyzed.
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