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Title: Etica în faţa provocărilor tehnicii şi tehnologiilor contemporane [Articol]
Authors: Capcelea, Valeriu
Keywords: tehnică
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Capcelea, Valeriu. Etica în faţa provocărilor tehnicii şi tehnologiilor contemporane / Valeriu Capcelea // Revista Tehnocopia. – 2013. – Nr 1. – P. 32-37. – ISSN 1857-3843
Abstract: In XXI century people entered in a new stage period of the development of civilization, technology, new technology, information, knowledge and communication that are key elements of underpinning the society' s progress. In such conditions, philosophers are obliged to reflect upon the fact that globalization will produce consequences that will have an impact upon people, upon posthuman species and human communities. This will influence upon the development of new information technologies and upon human civilization. It is also emphasized that is important to acknowledge that progress should undergo scientific knowledge and growing force of technology permanent and systematic judgments of moral value. It is necessary for this to develop and overhauled the ethics, which has to threat not only issues related to the human personality in relationships with other people, but also human relationships with nature, with the life on the earth. But the artificial nature created by man people, namely technical and social phenomena caused by it.
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