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Title: Повышение эксплуатационных свойств неорганических стекол выщелачиванием кислыми газами [Articol]
Authors: Шарагов, Василий
Keywords: sticlă
prelucrarea sticlei
rezistenţă chimică
Issue Date: 2011
Publisher: USARB
Citation: Шарагов, Василий Андреевич. Повышение эксплутационных свойств неорганических стекол выщелачиванием кислыми газами / Василий Андреевич Шарагов // Revista Tehnocopia : Rev. şt.-metodică. – 2011. – Nr 1. – P. 10-19. – ISSN 1857-3843.
Abstract: Thermochemical treatment by gases reagents in laboratory experiments increases water resistance of glass in 5 times, acid resistance – in 7 times, alkali resistance by 30 %, mechanical strength by 70 %, impact strength by 50 %, thermal stability and microhardness by 15 %. In industrial conditions the treatment with fluoride- and chlorine-containing reagents of industrial glasses for different purposes improves its chemical resistance by 1-2 orders, while the mechanical strength of glass increases by 30 %. Modification of sheet glass surface in industrial experiments is followed by an increase of its water resistance in 9 times, at this central symmetrical flexural strength grows by 30 %, the impact of strength increases by 20 %.
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